CloudFree Smart Plug – Runs Tasmota

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NOTICE: This product has been replaced by the CloudFree Smart Plug 2

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  • Home Automation That Puts You In Control
  • Runs Tasmota
  • Great for Home Assistant via MQTT
  • Has No Cloud Connections
  • Rated for 10 A
  • ETL Listed

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Get the convenience of a smart home device without the privacy implications of reliance on “the cloud”

The smart home industry is a mess. We are doing things differently.

  • No Accounts
  • No Cloud
  • Works with Home Assistant via MQTT
  • Total Control

These plugs are factory-flashed with the Tasmota firmware and are designed to function without relying on a free cloud service that could be put behind a paywall at any time.

CloudFree supports Tasmota by donating a portion of its profits to the open source developers that helped make this product possible.

Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 2 in
Electrical Rating

110-230V, 50/60Hz, 10A, 1200-2300W

Wi-Fi Frequency

2.4 GHz

Working Temperature

-4 to 122°F



Factory Part Number


Idle Current


7 reviews for CloudFree Smart Plug – Runs Tasmota

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with these smart plugs. I’ve bought Wemo in the past, and thank god I hooked them up to Home Assistant when I could, because their app no longer works for me.

    These plugs are a quarter of the price, and work phenomenally. Took me about 5 minutes to get them setup with Home Assistant, and now I’m not tied into any cloud provider at all!

  2. James P (verified owner)

    Bummer I happened to buy four of these in between sales, but if paying a little more now means these will be available down the road when I need more, I’m all in.

    For the plug themselves, I just recently had need of a new kind of smart swtich after a few of my kankun-based ones died and replacements became expensive. I started migrating some random switches I already had to tasmota+openhab via the OTA tuya-convert (for my kankun I just used scripts to toggle them), but when it came to buy more, I wanted to make sure I could put tasmota on them. Finding these via tasmota’s site meant a no brainer. These are affordable (even full price), came a day early and had a hand-signed thank you in the package. I was up and running in 5 minutes–just connect to the tasmota_XXXXXX AP, connect to built-in webserver and put in your WiFi deets, and profit! I will be back as soon as I need more!!

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. I tried buying multiple different no-name smart plugs on Amazon only to find out that their built-in firmware had been updated and they could no longer be OTA flashed with Tuya-convert. These plugs were a breeze to set up since Tasmota comes pre-installed and they work exactly as expected. For reference, I’m running an OpenHAB server on a Raspberry Pi. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more when I use up the Cloudfree smart plugs I ordered!

    My only request for future products would be to change the form factor so they don’t block neighboring outlets but this is a small price to pay compared to the ease of setup.

  4. Anthony Morrelle

    Kicks Wemo’s butt. The instructions are clear and they work flawlessy with my homeassistant setup. Bravo!

    I can’t wait for other cloudfree items!

  5. Jeremy Cook 🤖 (@JeremySCook)

    Fantastic. No fooling around with connections or Tuya convert (which may or may not work)–Tasmota loaded by default.

    Looks nice mechanically as well.

  6. Andamo (verified owner)

    I am very new to home automation using Home Assistant. It took me a little bit to figure out how Tasmota works but after that it was a breeze. I love this plug functionality wise. I have my bed lamp hooked up to it.
    I just wish that manufactures could design them with outlets in mind. I know they have to cram some stuff in a small area, but I lose an outlet unless it is just a thin dual pronged cord next to the CloudFree plug. This is by no means the only plug that does this either.
    I am so looking forward to when they are back in stock. I have several more projects that can use these cost effective little guys!

    Thanks so much for CloudFree!

  7. Scott Hess (verified owner)

    I was hip deep in having re-flashed a Sonoff Basic with Tasmoto and designing a 3d-printed enclosure to let me safely build a smart extension cord, when I thought … what if the final product is just available? I mean, I was having fun hacking, but I also had a job I wanted done, right? A few minutes later and I had a couple of these smart plus on the way, and I’m quite satisfied with the results. It’s exactly what I wanted as the end result of my hacking around, except it doesn’t look like some dude built it using a 3d printer and some electrical tape :-).

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