Getting Started with your CloudFree Device

There are a few different ways to configure your CloudFree smart device.

If you wish to keep Tasmota on the device, configure it to interface with your MQTT broker.

Integrating Tasmota with Home Assistant

If you instead want to flash the device with ESPHome, generate a binary using the template below. Then the binary file must be gzipped due to space requirements. This can be done in the terminal with the command:

gzip <filename>.bin

Upload the new .bin.gz file to install ESPHome

CF-SWM1 Configuration Templates

If your switch is activating itself, you may need to run the following commands to decouple the sensors from the relay.

SwitchMode1 2
SwitchMode2 1
SetOption114 1

Once the switch is communicating via MQTT and is in Home Assistant, you’ll want to rename the sensors, currently listed as Switch1 and Switch2. Rename Switch1 as “<device name> Motion” and set the “Show as” field to Motion. Do the same thing for Switch2, the light sensor.

Tasmota Template

CF-P1EU Configuration Templates

Tasmota Template

CF-LBC Configuration Templates

Tasmota Template

CF-P2 Configuration Templates

Tasmota Template

ESPHome Template

CF-P1 Configuration Templates

Tasmota Template

ESPHome Template

Help! I think I broke it!

Don’t panic! Try using the Tasmota Device Recovery process to reset the device.