Eiffel Tower

Setting Location and Timezone in Tasmota

Tasmota exposes many important configuration features right in its web interface. However, some settings still require the console to set, and this includes the geolocation and timezone settings.

Configuring a Tasmota device with the correct location and timezone is important if you want to set timers and use the sunrise and sunset timer options on your CloudFree Smart Plug 2 or other Tasmota device.

By default, Tasmota is configured for Paris, France, with the coordinates being directly on the Eiffel Tower.

We can configure the correct settings (including accounting for Daylight Savings Time) by using the Latitude, Longitude, Timezone, TimeDST, and TimeSTD commands.

There is also an easy-to-use tool available to help you configure these settings. The Tasmota time zone command helper was built by Reinier Kip from New Zealand. We have forked the tool and added IP Geolocation so that your timezone and location are autodetected.

The tool is hosted at https://tasmota-tz.cloudfree.io

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