If you are ordering from our CloudFree EU store, you can find shipping information here.

In order to be able to keep our prices low, we do charge small fees to cover our shipping costs. We want to be as transparent as possible about our shipping fees so that you can make smart decisions during the ordering process.

Orders are often dispatched around 11 AM Eastern Time.

If there is a special urgency to your order, send us a message and we will see what we can do for you.

Supported Shipping Couriers


USPS Delivery Estimate (domestic only)

Zip Code:

USPS rates are calculated at checkout. The flat rate below will be offered if they are cheaper than the calculated rates.

Flat Rate – United States

Order WeightShipping ServiceCost
Over 1lbFlat Rate (USPS Ground Advantage or UPS Ground Saver)$10


UPS rates and delivery dates are automatically calculated at checkout for both domestic and international customers.

FedEx Express

FedEx Express 2Day is offered in the United States, offering 2 day shipping anywhere in the US.


DHL rates are automatically calculated at checkout and their services are only available to international customers.

Pirate Ship Simple Export Rate

This is our budget shipping option that we offer to international customers, provided by Pirate Ship. These rates do not include any taxes or duty that may be due before you receive your package.


Order WeightShipping ServiceCost
0 – 8ozPirate Ship Simple Export$9.49
8 – 16ozPirate Ship Simple Export$12.49
16 – 32ozPirate Ship Simple Export$15.49
32 – 48ozPirate Ship Simple Export$19.49
48 – 64ozPirate Ship Simple Export$26.49

All Other Countries

Order WeightShipping ServiceCost
0 – 8ozPirate Ship Simple Export$11.99
8 – 16ozPirate Ship Simple Export$15.99
16 – 32ozPirate Ship Simple Export$19.99
32 – 48ozPirate Ship Simple Export$26.99
48 – 64ozPirate Ship Simple Export$35.99


We also offer shipping using Roadie, a same-day delivery service owned by UPS. Roadie is currently offered to customers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.