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The CL1857 from Cliff Electronic Components is a quicktest QT1 with 13A without cable (USA/CAN). The quicktest is ideal for electrical shops, factories, labs and service departments. With its lid open the wires of a plugless lead can be inserted into the insulated clips. When the lid is closed, current passes to the equipment being demonstrated or tested. A neon light shows that the connector is live hot and ready to use. The fuse (BS 1362) is easily accessible for replacement. The connector is made of tough, safe materials. The base is phenolic, moulded for insulation and rigidity. The lid is flame retardant glass filled thermo plastic. The insulated clips are colour coded for easy identification. The flexible cable grip will take any normal mains cable. Only one small screwdriver is needed for both the base entry and the terminal screws.

This device does not include a cable


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Dimensions 5.1 × 2.4 × 2 in


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