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Aqara’s newer T1 button is Zigbee 3.0 Certified, and may experience fewer connection issues than the original model.

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2.625 × 0.75 in

5 reviews for Aqara Button

  1. Anthony Morrelle

    The connection to my Zigbee usb stick was slightly tricky. Everywhere I read said to hold down the small button on the side but in reality I had to only press it once and then it connected perfectly. Once connected it showed in HomeAssistant and I was using it to turn on /off a light and a small heater.
    Also, very slick looking!

  2. Naomi (verified owner)

    I just needed a simple switch that I could use with Home Assistant to turn on a lamp. I was delighted to discover that this little switch was more capable than I expected. This switch has short press, long press, double click, and shake as triggers.

    I’m using this with the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and it was a snap to connect.

  3. bustling_grocery (verified owner)


    1. Spending probably a couple thousand USD on a server, network hardware, and a Zigbee/Z-Wave stick, as well as several dozen hours researching software over the course of a few years
    2. Installing a hypervisor, an OS, Docker, and Home Assistant in a VM
    3. Figuring out how to pass hardware from Proxmox to a VM, and from the VM to Docker
    4. Creating a number of automations in Home Assistant

    I have invented the light switch.

    Really though, this little button is great. It’s small enough to be placed/mounted tons of places unobtrusively and the range covers anywhere in my home. As much as I love fiddling with IoT devices it’s nice to have one button to turn everything off sitting on the night stand at the end of the day. Since setting up my first unit I’ve ordered a couple more.

    I’ve got it connected to Home Assistant with a “GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub” I picked up off Amazon. No problems so far.

  4. Stephen O (verified owner)

    I love these switches. They are really great. I use them to replace the light switches in my kids rooms (for various reasons). They have been reliable and look and feel great.

  5. Bryan George (verified owner)

    I use these to track newborn feedings and diaper changes in home assistant and I’m very pleased with them. One small annoyance is if I double tap the button too quickly it registers as a single tap action even though I can hear and feel two rapid button presses. I have to space the two taps apart a little bit more than I’m used to.

    I noticed the User Manual linked in the product description shows model WXKG11LM but I received the WXKG12LM. The WXKG12LM’s support the shake action by shaking the button but don’t support triple and quadruple taps. I see single, double, hold, release and shake actions.

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