PiKVM V4 Mini


  • Full Remote Control KVM over IP
  • Runs Open Source Software

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The next generation of Raspberry Pi based KVM over IP. Manage your servers or PC remotely! PiKVM is a feature-rich, production grade, open-source, Raspberry Pi based KVM over IP device.

PiKVM V4 Mini is the compact and budget-friendly version of PiKVM V4 with all the essential features. It is small, cost-effective, and powerful!


  • Capture video signal up to 1920×1200@60 Hz with audio and deliver it to your browser using WebRTC and efficient H.264 encoding.
  • Transfer your mouse and keyboard actions to a remote PC.
  • Take full control of a remote PC’s power: remote reset or reboot using the actual hardware reset & power buttons connector functions.
  • Access to all configuration settings of a remote computer like tweaking UEFI/BIOS settings to do some overclocking!
  • Boot a controlled PC using any OS you need using mass storage device emulation support. You can even reinstall the system remotely!
  • Fanless design with a passive heatsink for quiet operation.
  • Includes a locator led simplifying your device search.
  • Improved power consumption in idle mode: just 2.67 Watts!


Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4102000 with 2GB of RAM, WiFi, and Bluetooth
Connection type USB-C
Power type DC 5.1V, 3A
Power failure option Internal supercapacitor for the real time clock support
HDMI female HDMI source input
USB-C female For the keyboard, mouse, mass storage, and other external device emulation)
USB-C female Serial console management port
Micro SD card slot For the OS storage
ATX RJ-45 Special port for power control or AUX
WiFi Optional WiFi b/g/n support with internal/external antenna
LED indicators power, activity, console power, search led, HDMI source engaged
OLED display OLED 128×32 0.91” white
Supported resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz
Video compression methods MJPEG, H.264
Audio capture mode HDMI audio capture support
Peak power consumption Up to 12W (2.6A/5V)
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Size 120 x 68 x 24mm
Weight 0.35 kg


  1. Power LED (Green)
  2. Power Input 5.1V 3A
  3. Activity LED (Red)
  4. Micro SD card slot
  5. USB 2.0 Serial console port
  6. Serial console active LED Green (“Beacon LED”)
  7. RJ45 1Gb Ethernet connector
  8. RJ45 ATX Control connector
  9. USB 2.0 OTG connector
  1. Mount hole for WiFi SMA antenna connector
  2. Beacon LED
  3. HDMI Power present LED Green
  4. HDMI video input connector
  5. Video capture power ok LED amber
  6. Ventilation holes
  7. Service switches
  8. Kensington Security Slot
  9. Display


  1. PiKVM V4 Mini device
  2. Micro SD card with pre-imaged PiKVM software
  3. ATX control board
  4. ATX connection cables
  5. ATX installation brackets
  6. 1 x Ethernet cable
  7. 1 x ATX cable
  8. 1 x USB C to USB A cable
  9. 5V 3.1A USB C Power Supply (international adapters)


Weight 26.5 oz
Dimensions 5.3125 × 5.375 × 3.0625 in


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